High Park™ Expands Production Capacity with New Processing License from Health Canada

The licensed High Park facility located in London, Ontario allows the Company to expand its capacity to supply a range of branded adult-use cannabis products exclusively for the Canadian market


TORONTO, ONT. – High Park Holdings Ltd. (“High Park”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY), announced today that it has received a standard processing license under the Cannabis Act to process cannabis into finished branded products at its state-of-the-art facility located in London, Ontario. The license will also allow High Park to conduct certain research and development activities on new cannabis form factors.


Led by High Park’s team of industry experts responsible for innovation, research and the development of High Park’s portfolio of cannabis products, the facility will be utilized to process a wide-range of finished branded products from dried cannabis into differentiated form factors such as edibles (including oils, confectioneries and beverages), topicals, and concentrates, exclusively for the adult-use cannabis market in Canada, once permitted by laws and regulations.


In April 2018, High Park announced an initial investment of up to C$10 million in the 56,000-square foot London facility. This processing, research and development facility will receive raw material from High Park Farms Ltd.™ (“High Park Farms”), which has an affiliated cultivation and processing facility, located in Enniskillen, Ontario. High Park Farms currently features 13 acres of greenhouse space located on 100 acres of property and represents an initial C$30 million investment and the creation of more than 200 jobs. High Park Farms received a cultivation license in April 2018 and a sales license in September 2018. Upon the federal legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada on October 17th, 2018, High Park Farms and its affiliates fulfilled initial adult-use supply agreements and purchase orders in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories and Yukon.


“This license marks another step forward as High Park increases its capacity to supply differentiated form factors of branded cannabis products for adult-use consumers in Canada,” says Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer, Tilray. “We believe great brands and products are critical in the long-term endurance of a dynamic legal cannabis industry, and we’re excited to be well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for these products.”

High Park is proud to have launched and secured the exclusive rights to distribute world-class cannabis brands for the Canadian market, subject to applicable laws and regulations. Brands developed or licensed by High Park include:

  • Canaca™ proudly builds on its homegrown heritage with cannabis whole flower products crafted by and for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Dubon™ is a vibrantly Québécois cannabis brand. Dubon offers master-crafted cannabis strains as whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively available through the Société québécoise du cannabis in Québec (SQDC).

  • Yukon Rove™ is a cannabis brand designed to embody the spirit of Northern Canada. An assortment of  strains are available from Yukon Rove in whole flower and pre-rolls, exclusively in the Yukon territory.

  • Irisa™ is a women’s wellness brand. Irisa products include oil drops designed to integrate with consumers’ self-care rituals.

  • Grail™ is a premium cannabis brand that offers connoisseurs a unique variety of products, including rare strains with exotic cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

  • Marley Natural™ is crafted with deep respect for natural well-being and the positive potential of the herb. Marley Natural products will include whole flower, pre-rolls, vape oil cartridges and cannabis-infused edibles.*

  • Dutchy™ is a brand of choice for more frequent consumers. Dutchy’s products will include whole-flower, pre-rolls and vape oil cartridges.*

  • Headlight™ offers experienced consumers cannabis concentrates, waxes and high potency vape oil cartridges.*

  • Goodship® makes award-winning cannabis edibles. The Goodship brand is known for its delectable cannabis-infused baked goods, chocolates and confections.*

  • Wallops™ are creators of high-intensity chews and confections.*


*Form factors such as concentrates, waxes, and edibles are currently not permitted under Canadian adult-use legislation, but are expected to be legalized by October 17, 2019.


High Park looks forward to sharing more information about the research and development of its differentiated brand portfolio and the expansion of its production capacity, in the coming months.


Chrissy Roebuck